Having an IT Strategy that is aligned to your short and long term business goals is an important foundational step for delivering successful IT Projects that meet ongoing business demands. An IT Strategy will ensure that you are not spinning up expensive IT Projects that either short deliver or deliver something that is partially out dated at point of delivery because the business has moved on.
Business Smart helps organisations define an IT Strategy by working in collaboration with your Business and IT Leadership. We seek out the input of key Stakeholders and Technical Experts to ensure that we devise an IT Strategy that is realistic and can be implemented.
We take a four step approach to develop an effective IT Strategy.

Understand the Business Strategy

  • Business Mission that defines the brand
  • Short and long term business objectives
  • Understand the drivers for change
  • Assess Departmental impact of business strategy

Review Current IT Landscape

  • Review existing systems and infrastructure
  • Review internal and external data flows
  • Review existing processes
  • Review how users use and perceive systems
  • Seek the opinion of Business, Process Owners, and IT Architects & Managers

Articulate a vision for the Future

  • Recommendations for change to support business goals and objectives
  • Define impact of Change on People, Process & Technology
  • Asses Organisation cultural challenges
  • Present draft Projects (High Level Only)
  • Present potential ROI Models
  • Seek buy in from Exec and key Stakeholders before continuing

Define a Roadmap that gets us there

  • Architecture & Principles
  • Prioritised list of Projects
  • Projects Benefits cases with Cost and ROI Analysis
  • Implementation road map built on an iterative delivery methodology
  • Governance recommendations


Oracle is a multinational technology corporation that offers a best-of-breed Cloud Platform. As an Oracle Partner we work closely to ensure that the solutions we deploy on behalf of our Clients are underpinned by a robust platform.

Business Smart specialises in providing

  • Business Intelligence Cloud Services
  • Oracle Database Cloud Services
  • Custom Application Cloud Services


Our Managed Services Practice works with organisations to provide a number of outsourcing services structured around business applications that are Oracle Centric. We use a mix of onshore and offshore capabilities to ensure that we are both competitive and able to provide 24 x 7 x 365 support based on a follow-the-sun model where required.

What we offer

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support
  • Application support for on-premise solutions
  • Application & Platform Management for Cloud Based Solutions
  • Proactive Monitoring & Alerting
  • A service structured around ITIL
  • Application enhancement services

How we deliver it

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Service Desk
  • Telephone, Email & Support Portal Access
  • Dedicated Service Delivery Manager
  • Tailored Service Level Agreement
  • Periodic on-site Service Reviews

Practice Values

  • Passion to support your organisation and its operations is at the heart of what we do
  • Dedication is core to our Team, we recognise situations that require us to go beyond the call of duty
  • Agility is demonstrated in our approach to addressing your problems
  • Awareness is key to delivering our promise of Continual Service Improvement