Business Intelligence

We work with organisations to develop and deliver a Business Intelligence (BI) strategy that is aimed at boosting your business performance. This is achieved by ensuring decision makers have the correct data insight before making business decisions.
Having a well thought through BI Strategy and Platform in place will allow your organisation to

  • Provide rapid response to your business questions
  • Identify emerging trends early on to drive appropriate action
  • Gain confidence in key business decisions by ensuring your data supports the decision
  • Identify business problems
  • Use data insight to drive operational efficiency by optimising business processes
  • Utilise data to study customer behaviour and identify additional revenue opportunities
  • Deliver actionable reports, analysis, dashboards and scorecards using Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Custom Applications

Our Custom Apps Practice consists of a highly experienced team with decades of experience delivering enterprise business applications to organisations of all sizes. We can help articulate the business case and produce accompanying ROI Models right the way through to implementing the proposed solutions using our proven delivery methodology. Solutions developed can be deployed on-premise, on-cloud or using a hybrid option. We encourage a strong emphasis on mobile to maximise operational efficiency.
When might you require Custom Applications

  • An off-the-shelf solution cannot fully address your requirement
  • The cost of an off-the-shelf solution does not warrant the limited features that you will use
  • You require increased productivity that can only be maximised by a custom application
  • You want to gain competitive advantage by not using the same packages as competitors
  • You require an IT Partner that is responsive to your needs and not tied down with either conflicting or contending requirements from other companies using the same package
  • You would like to deliver a working application in a very short space of time, this can be achieved in weeks using modern development frameworks and rapid application development tools


In today’s world Mobile has almost certainly been one of the biggest game changers when it comes to how we interact with one another and do things. Mobile has provided a massive opportunity for businesses to transform how and where they interact with their organisations, customers and business partners. This opportunity can only be maximised by ensuring Mobile is part of your Business and IT Strategy.
Research has shown that most users have a positive experience using their smart phones and tablets in a private capacity and expect the same level of experience from business applications. The solutions that we implement have a strong focus on Mobile & Tablet.

  • Mobile BI to enable better decision making while on the move
  • Custom Applications that can be accessed from any Mobile & Tablet device
  • Complete control over what is published to Mobile vs. Desktop to align with your Security Policy
  • Secure Cloud Hosting to ensure downloads and upgrades are seamless and centrally controlled


Business Smart is a Technology company focused on delivering robust business applications using a modern approach. We believe that Cloud should be ingrained into your IT Strategy so you can deliver a maximised ROI on all your IT Projects. We specialise in providing business applications in the Cloud. Whether you require Business Intelligence or Custom Enterprise Applications, Cloud is the way forward.

Business Intelligence Cloud

  • World Class BI
  • Intuitive Cloud Experience
  • Advanced Analysis and Visualizations
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Fast Setup, Low Cost
  • Automated Backup, Recovery & Migration
  • Fast Analysis
  • Easy Data Integration
  • Always On Anytime Anywhere
  • Available on Desktop, Table & Mobile
  • Secure Collaboration

Custom Applications Cloud

  • Any custom app you require in the Cloud
  • Rapidly developed to minimise delivery time
  • Includes platform & infrastructure
  • Interactive Reports & Dashboards
  • Fast Setup, Low Cost
  • Automated Backup, Recovery & Migration
  • Role based security
  • Easy Data Integration with other systems
  • Always On Anytime Anywhere
  • Available on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile
  • Secure Collaboration